Welcome to Aerosport Engineering 

Aerosport Engineering is a small, Norwegian based engineering company with two share holders, Ole Ringstad and Cecilie Bjørnebye. This company has evolved from a strong personal interest for aircraft and engines, and the drive to find the best solutions for high performance propulsion systems for scaled Mustang and Spitfire type of aircraft. 

Like the typical stubborn Norwegian farmer, we have taken on this impossible task. In our efforts to create safe and efficient propulsion systems, we rely on our long experience and thorough knowledge of engines. The name of the engine, SAGA, is an attempt to tell the story of the line of simple design and good craftsmanship originated from our Norwegian ancestors, the Norwegian farmer. He has had to be a self sufficient and ingenious problem solver with no respect for impossible tasks. The Norse people liked to tell their sagas about their prosperous Viking expeditions, and we would like to refer the more modern saga of the Norwegian technological progress.

Saga also refers to the magnificent design and craftsmanship of the WWII aircraft engines, and that Saga is developed on this foundation of well proven technology. 

Our main project, or at least the most time consuming part of this presentation, is obviously designing the power plant. The project is named ASE- 650 SAGA and is an even fire 60 degree V12, but designed for scaled aircraft. One of the differences in technology compared to the WW II engine, is that we are incorporating modern electronics to control and monitor.

The human aspect

As the visitor and reader of our web pages, you will find that I tend to jump on and off some of the topics. I have my reasons for these derailments. I very often enjoy the story behind the person that I meet, to understand and respect the not so obvious and underlying reasons why people have chosen to do what they do and live where they live. I must admit that the stories from people who have succeeded attract me. I enjoy talking to, and meeting with clever, bright, and educated people, where one can discuss ideas and learn something from each other. I enjoy learning about responsible people who have struggeled and made sacrifices to get to where they are today. I admire people who can keep the spirit up when things are tough, and still be able to make the world move forward. People who does not give up. People with integrity! In short, all these faboluos people who have helped us in this project.

On behalf of Cecilie B. Bjørnebye and I, we would be honored if you enjoy looking through the information on our pages. 

Sincerely, Ole Ringstad.


Cecilie Bjørnebye & Ole Ringstad at Aero, Friedrichshafen 2019