Valve springs

The valve spring is very often one of the most overlooked components within an engine, yet fewer components within an engine are more highly stressed and absolutley crucial to engine performance than the valve spring. What appers to be an extremely simple engine component is actually one of the most highly complex pieces of equippment in a modern engine.


Conical springs 

We have changed the valve springs for couple of reasons. As you may be able to see, the type of spring we are using is of a conical shape, which will prevent intrinsic osilations. When every coil in the spring is of a different diameter this will hinder the spring to start osilate. The valve train will also be lighter, which is also very preferable. A conical spring will have less mass because it is tapered towards the top of the spring, which will make the spring lighter than if it where of the same diameter all the way up. This is not the only reason. The smaller diameter tapered spring top, also needs a smaler diameter retainer, which further makes the valvetrain lighter.     




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