Ole Ringstad
+47 918 49 948
Sentvetveien 220, N-1866 Båstad

Cecilie Bjørnebye
+47 951 34 849
Sentvetveien 220, N-1866 Båstad



Våghalsen @ 59°41'37,6"N / 11°19'06,0"E

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The Daredevil

There is always a possibility to pay us a visit coming in with your personal aircraft. Our small airfield is called "Våghalsen" and translated into English that means Daredevil. You are more than welcome to us, but don't try any short field procedure in your Lear 35 or your Falcon Jet in this field! We can assure you, it will end in disaster. The field is just short of 1000 feet or 320 meters long, with obstacles in both ends. In addition, the field is laid out in an east, westerly direction, into a valley where the wind always blows from either north or south. In case you are planning a trip to us in your aircraft, be sure to choose the appropriate equipment. You'd better know how to figure out your cross wind landings, or you will literally be "blown away" in this field 


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