The Auto Verdi connection

The Swedish company Auto Verdi AB is our connecting rod partner. They deliver top of the line connecting rods for almost any application. They are made from the highest quality Swedish Chrom Nickel Molybdenum steel. After forging, the rods are machined to exact specific dimentions with the latest CNC machine technology before beeing magnafluxed, Rockwell tested, shot peened and equipped with the best ARP bolts.

Our connecting rods are of the H-profile style but where the OEM length of 135 mm is retained. Since the stroke of the crankshaft in this particular engine is 79 mm, the connecting rod / stroke relationship is 1,708.



2016-02-24 19.32.23.jpg

Auto Verdi connecting rod with ARP bolts.

2016-02-24 19.34.28.jpg

2016-02-24 19.38.44.jpg