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Testing, tuning and mapping is a laborous and time consuming task! This picture is showing the ASE-650 Saga in the test cell under a high load endurance run. 

Testing the ASE-650 Saga.

We have decided to divide the testing of the power plant into two separate phases. In the first phase we have concentrated our work on initial start up, idle and "light load" mapping, and to control that the basic functions are working, and that there are no leaks or other major problems. The rest of the phase one testing was done in the dyno cell. We had to spend four days total in the dyno room to be able to sort out some of the problems that we encountered. You can learn more about that by cliking on this link:

We got everything sorted out with the help of Marius Løberg and Anders Ringstad. If you would like to watch a video clip from one of the test days, please clik on the link below. This test is from one of the high load, medium RPM runs. It is getting hot! The quality is not of the best, but you will get an idea of what is going on.

Test phase two

As the photos further down on the right side are indicating, test phase two will be performed outdoors. We are preparing for this to happen in spring 2021 and hopfully during the following summer. The plan is to elevate the whole firewall forward package with our neighbour's 25 tonn Volvo excavator. We will be able to start the engine and control all the engine functions, like throttle, propeller pitch, and fuel pumps with an RC remote control. Up, down and roll plane will be controlled by the excavator's arm. Yes, we will roll the whole package to see if our "All Attitude" oil tank and lubricating system are working as planned.

There will be a lot more information on this page, and it will be updated as soon there is news in this section.

So, you'd better stay tuned!  


2019-09-30 15.49.16.jpg

This picture is from Anders Ringstad's dyno cell. 


2018-06-04 16.35.14.jpg

Here we have mounted the excavator "adapter bracket" onto the rest of the test stand. The part that is painted black is the "adapter" we have made to fit the excavator standarized mounting point at the end of the arm, to the rigg.  


2018-06-02 11.26.01.jpg

Here we are "dry testing" the test stand on our neighbour's 25 Tonn Volvo Excavator.